Art Gallery

I’ve been putting reference book pages and bits of art into frames. I really like the results. Many of them are for sale in our little market space.

Market day

Recently Mark and I have noticed that we have accumulated a great many things. Things we’ve made or collected over the years, things found or given or handed down to us. I like things, but one can have too many. My mother has even more things. So she and I have combined forces to open... Continue Reading →

Never weary of life

I found this quote by Rachel Carson and it captures such a lovely sentiment that I knew I had to incorporate it into a piece of art. I love how it turned out with the fox lifting his nose towards the butterfly in fascination. It also ties in beautifully with the woodland themed nursery for... Continue Reading →

Baby bunnies!

We are hosting a mama bunny and her babies. She built her nest in our raised bed garden. We’ve counted at least 4 babies so far, but we’re trying to give them some space. They really are adorable to watch, but we tell the children they mustn’t touch them.

Keep it in your drawers

Let me tell you, one of my favorite upgrades we’ve done to this kitchen is a set of drawers Mark built for a cabinet that had been tragically underutilized. Aside from storing the slow cooker and the odd boy, this cabinet wasn’t getting much use. And this was all the more sad for it’s central... Continue Reading →

Venting displeasure

Under the kitchen sink cabinet, just where the toe lift meets the floor, was the grossest vent in the house. It was originally brown painted metal, but was now caked with rust and grime, since decades of floor mopping water had deposited a nasty patina of scum. An additional problem is that they had laid... Continue Reading →

Snow ice cream

This was a fun activity to do with the kids on a frigid day. If you’ve got fresh snow on the ground you can try it too. Just add a splash of milk to clean fresh snow and mix it gently. We added a bit of vanilla syrup and drizzled a bit of chocolate sauce... Continue Reading →

Goodbye shitty soffit

One of the more annoyingly innocuous aspects of our house when we moved in was an extra bit of soffit that had been used to attach a cabinet over the kitchen peninsula counter. Someone in the past had taken the cabinet off to open up the kitchen space, (a decision I heartily agree with), but... Continue Reading →

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