Navy kimono quilt

My friend Kristen adores Japanese culture, she’s an anime fan and she practices akido, so I wanted to make her wedding quilt showcase that aesthetic. I bought remnants of kimono fabric on Etsy to give her quilt genuine Japanese flair, instead of relying on the caricature of Japanese design motifs that one finds in Midwestern quilt shops. I used navy flannel for the sashing to unify the quilt and make it soft and warm. I had it quilted in a fan pattern, using blue thread on the top so it wouldn’t detract from the kimono fabric, but the backside is quilted with gold thread to invoke sashiko embroidery patterns, and it shimmers against the sold navy backing.


Here are some progression pictures

Original pattern I used
Placing fabrics
Added the blue sashing
Sewn together with borders
After the quilting is done
2018_10_21 (101).1
Giving the quilt at her wedding shower

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