Spiced up spice rack

The first thing Mark ever made for me was a hand carved spice rack.

It was Art Nouveau inspired, made from walnut and finished with oil which gives it a lovely sheen.

I had been happily storing spices in it for years when I thought I ought to make the spice jars look as lovely as the walnut rack.

Here’s the finished project.

I forgot to take a before picture with all the plastic and mismatched jars, but here’s what it looked like after I had started.


I bought standard square glass jars to replace the plastic ones and peeled the old labels off the glass jars I already had.

I designed the labels in Photoshop, wrote the text on them in PowerPoint and printed them on a standard printer. I used Mod Podge to stick the labels to the jars.

Total cost was about $20 for the jars.

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