I found a delightful Etsy store that transforms antique Victorian and Edwardian corset and boot hooks into gorgeous silver wands. I was so intrigued by the idea that I bought a silver boot hook on eBay and tried to straighten it myself, just to see how difficult it was to do.

I just love how well the final result fits in my hand. The antique hook was made for a lady’s hand, so she could put her boots on after her corset was on, not an easy feat if you’ve never tried. So it’s basically ergonomically designed for a lady’s hand, much better than most of the wooden wands I’ve seen.  I also love how the patina gives it a cherished quality.

By slowly heating and then straightening the end with pliers I eventuality got the curve out of the steel hook. The handle was loose, so we pulled it off and re-attached it more securely with JB Weld.  Mark let me use his blow torch so I got really into the spirit of the thing.


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