Vanilla bean honey infusion

Made honey infused with vanilla beans and my house smells divine! 

Vanilla and honey have health benefits and the combination is an excellent way to infuse magical energy into your day. Real vanilla bean adds a warming, sweet, and floral flavor that compliments just about any sweet treat it’s added to. This is a great addition to tea, or a scrumptious topping for French toast, pancakes or oatmeal. It also makes an excellent gift and it keeps very well. 

It’s so easy to make, simply start with 1 pound (about 1 honey bears worth) raw unfiltered honey, and 1 vanilla bean. (You can find lots of detailed directions for how to remove the tiny vanilla specks from the pod). You can also use a teaspoon of high quality vanilla extract if you prefer. Cook honey and vanilla bean on the stove in a stainless steel sauce pan on low heat until it starts to bubble a bit, and cook on low 20 minutes. If it starts to bubble up high, stir well and lower the heat even more. After 20 minutes turn off heat and let honey cool a bit before pouring into little jars. If you have difficulty getting the caramelized honey out of the jars when you’re ready to use it, put the jar in the microwave for 10 seconds. 

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