Lyssa Goddess of Rage

Lyssa is the Greek goddess of rage and crazed fury. She also controlled rabies in animals.  And with unprecedented demonstrations of public outrage, looting and violence in the streets, it seems like an excellent time learn more about this Goddess of the Moment.

Lyssa was the daughter of the primordial deity Nyx (the night) and the Titan Uranus (the sky). She is crowned with a dog’s-head cap representing the madness of rabies. Lyssa was closely related to the Maniai (Maniae), the goddesses of mania and madness. Her Roman equivalents were Ira, Furor and Rabies. Rather than being one of the Olympic gods, Lyssa was a primordial spirit (daimona), which means that she existed in ancient times before the Olympians took control of the world.

Despite wielding the power to incite chaos, she is very measured in her temperament, and professes not to use these abilities in anger against her friends. On the orders of Hera, Lyssa sends Hercules into a blind and furious rage, causing him to murder his own wife and children. She is powerful, chaotic, measured, and very, very dangerous.

And I can think of no better time than now to learn from her measured temperament. Rage is a powerful emotion to bring change, but it can just as easily lead to terrible destruction.
Art by jaggudada on deviantart.

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