Venting displeasure

Under the kitchen sink cabinet, just where the toe lift meets the floor, was the grossest vent in the house. It was originally brown painted metal, but was now caked with rust and grime, since decades of floor mopping water had deposited a nasty patina of scum.

An additional problem is that they had laid the kitchen hardwood flooring on top of the linoleum, so this vent was stuck in place, sealed in against the floor. They just stuck a quarter round on top and called it done. We couldn’t get the vent out without destroying it, and we couldn’t find a new metal vent to fit the narrower dimensions with the wood floor in place.

Mark’s solution was to make a new vent from wood that was custom sized to fit the narrower opening.

He painted it white to match the cabinets and we replaced the quarter round for good measure.

Small changes can make such a big difference in how well cared for a space feels.

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