Baby bunnies!

We are hosting a mama bunny and her babies. She built her nest in our raised bed garden. We’ve counted at least 4 babies so far, but we’re trying to give them some space. They really are adorable to watch, but we tell the children they mustn’t touch them.

Fox and Friends

There’s a fox who visits my backyard and I adore her. Occasionally she will bring a fox friend too. Her name is Azeria and she’s so beautiful, I want to tame her so she’ll let me scratch behind her lovely soft ears. Is this what having a dog feels like?

Garden view

Things are finally starting to warm up around here and we can get the windows open. This has attracted some interest from the residents.

Get your craft on

In the wake of the global recession, many people reevaluated their relationship with the goods and services they had relied on. Many people found they could no longer afford the luxuries, conveniences and services they had used before, and some questioned if their reliance on these had reduced their joy in life’s experiences. In incredible numbers, people... Continue Reading →

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