Spiced up spice rack

The first thing Mark ever made for me was a hand carved spice rack. It was Art Nouveau inspired, made from walnut and finished with oil which gives it a lovely sheen. I had been happily storing spices in it for years when I thought I ought to make the spice jars look as lovely... Continue Reading →


I can’t believe this blog has been around this long without an entry on fermented vegetables. I mean, there was the vinegar thing, but grapes are berries, so I don’t think that counts. How can we have a hipster blog like this without “probiotics” as a keyword? Sorry about that. Let’s talk about sauerkraut. It’s... Continue Reading →

Peaches and Cobblers: a Sweet History

I've been a bit overwhelmed lately, finishing my master's thesis in archaeology, but a visit to the local farmers market yesterday reminded me of what I had been missing. The soft, sunset colored, fuzzy southern Illinois peaches they had brought me back to the basics of food, and pulled my attention away from the cerebral study... Continue Reading →

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