Cardboard play house

I saw a large cardboard box sitting in my office, waiting to get thrown away. I brought it home and Mark and I turned it into a playhouse. I'm pretty pleased with the final results.

Spiced up spice rack

The first thing Mark ever made for me was a hand carved spice rack. It was Art Nouveau inspired, made from walnut and finished with oil which gives it a lovely sheen. I had been happily storing spices in it for years when I thought I ought to make the spice jars look as lovely... Continue Reading →

Navy kimono quilt

My friend Kristen adores Japanese culture, she's an anime fan and she practices akido, so I wanted to make her wedding quilt showcase that aesthetic. I bought remnants of kimono fabric on Etsy to give her quilt genuine Japanese flair, instead of relying on the caricature of Japanese design motifs that one finds in Midwestern... Continue Reading →

The Giant Cauldron

Mark's brother Kyle brought us a family heirloom last week. Its a giant, antique, cast iron cauldron, that was used annually in his home town to make chowder for the town wide celebration. As the population of the town has dwindled, the town required fewer cauldrons, and Mark's brother managed to obtain the one that... Continue Reading →

Dino baby quilt

I made a dinosaur themed baby quilt for my friends’ new baby boy. The backing material is blue minky so it’s very soft. The binding is blue satin ribbon.

Cubical upgrade

Added some color to my work cube by adding maple wood contact paper to the cabinets and teal wrapping paper to the walls.  Mark custom cut me some maple wood for the work surface.

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