Green flannel quilt

I had so much cozy flannel fabrics in various greens that I made a quilt for my friend Whitney. Its not based on any pattern, I just cut what fabric I had and stitched it together. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Green and cream quilt

I finished another quilt!  This one is based on the Rhythm & Blues quilt pattern.  It is definitely the most intricate quilt I've made yet, because all the cream colored squares are actually pieced strips. And I worked very hard in arranging the green and cream fabrics so that they were distributed evenly, without identical... Continue Reading →

Green star quilt

I found a lovely green floral fat quarter fabric at JoAnn's and thought it would be great in the star quilt I was designing in my head.  When combined with two tones of super soft green flannel, the resulting quilt is a new favorite. Process pictures below.

Rainbow in the sky with diamonds quilt

I made a rainbow quilt with floral diamonds for my niece. The pattern is called Hugs and Kisses by Jaybird quilts. It was my first time using the diamond template and I thought it worked well.  The back side fabric is rainbow butterflies in flannel. Here's the progression pictures.  

Irish chain quilt

My first attempt at quilting.  Its an Irish chain quilt pattern and I'm more or less winging the design out of a book with some graph paper. I took the 1 night quilting class at JoAnn Fabrics and Mark showed me how to use his sewing machine. It turned out pretty well for someone who... Continue Reading →

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