Well Rounded

I picked up this vintage round mirror with etched floral design at Goodwill for $4.

Mark gave it a lovely cherry frame and we hung it in our guest room.

First he took of the ancient backing, which was a disintegrating piece of MDF.

Someone in the past had used duct tape to hold the backing on, and the residue it left behind was pulling the silver finish off the back of the glass. With the tape residue removed, Mark sprayed it with mirror finish spray paint, and then dark gray spray paint.

Once the mirror was restored, Mark used cherry wood to fashion a rounded frame for the mirror. He sanded the frame smooth and finished it with oil. Its silky soft and has a lovely sheen to it.

The final result is so lovely I smile every time I see it. Its refreshingly modern in its simplicity, and yet so adoringly enhances the beauty of the vintage mirror. Mark’s craftsmanship never ceases to amaze me.

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