Goodbye shitty soffit

One of the more annoyingly innocuous aspects of our house when we moved in was an extra bit of soffit that had been used to attach a cabinet over the kitchen peninsula counter.

Someone in the past had taken the cabinet off to open up the kitchen space, (a decision I heartily agree with), but they had left the soffit in place.

This kitchen anomaly had always bothered me. And the paint job on the ceiling wasn’t quite even, mixing satin with matte finishes which gave it patchy, slapdash appearance, suggesting a hasty repair.

Before we could repaint, that ugly soffit had to come down. Helpful contractor, tear down this soffit!

I had hoped that we could remove the soffit over the kitchen sink as well, but we discovered that portion was concealing a pipe that ran to the bathroom upstairs. oh well, can’t win ‘em all!

They put up fresh drywall to patch the hole in the ceiling. They also confirmed that there was no apparent leak from the bathroom upstairs, which provided some peace of mind.

Next up, painting the kitchen!

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